Monday, March 23, 2009

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Up Your Alley - Episode #6

Episode #6 - The Bowl-dini

In an effort to bring you the latest in technology, Up Your Alley, covered the world to find the most amazing product. The Bowl-dini gives your kitchen that one in a million tool that is good for everything. Not only will the bowl-dini make your kitchen a more attractive place, it has many many more functions. Check out the video to see.

Up Your Alley - Episode #5

Episode #5 - The Redneck

If bowling beside the redneck scares you then you don't want to watch this video. Just remember rednecks usually travel in packs this video only shows 1 redneck. You might ask why do rednecks travel in packs and the answer to that is because they need someone there to say "Watch this" to!

Up Your Alley - Episode #4

Episode #4 Bowling with Santa

You might think bowling with Santa would be the coolest thing ever. Well your wrong, while Santa is a great guy his bowling oddities make it a little difficult to bowl with him. Check out this video and see what we mean!

PS Your better be nice!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Up Your Alley
Episode #3 - The Fatty

Bowling is not thought of as the most physical of activities. Thusly you have a wide range of people who bowl. The range goes from the inshape people to the people that have reinvented their shape. Yes, I am talking about the fatty. Bowling around the fatty can be very difficult at time so just beware. If you have just ordered some food and you start to hear the theme from Jaws you might watch out.

Up Your Alley - Episode #1

Episode #2 - The Wanna Be Pro Bowler

The Wanna Be Pro Bowler is in every bowling center I have ever been to. You can usually tell who they are because they are always in the bowling center. You might think they work there but they don't they just know all the workers by name and can tell you everything that goes on in the center. Unlike your normal bowler they think they need special treatment and love to make sure everyone knows just how good they are. In this episode we will show you the in's and out's of bowling with the wanna be pro bowler.

Episode 1 - Up Your Alley

Episode #1 The Drunk

Have you ever been bowling where the person next to you has had way to much to drink. All of the sudden they are you best friend. We here at Up Your Alley help you with this video.